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Please call us on 07732927479 - 01353 864795 to discuss beers available currently. To the right of this box is the beers available now. There are Three beers available now  Goose Ely 3.5% our King of Beers is back in stock. As you will read we have moved to a bigger premises recently and are building up production right now.

Main Street Citra 3.5% Abv

Cobblers Revival 3.5% Abv


Ready soon
Black IPA 6% Abv Strong Black Ale! A wonderful experience if we may say so. Most definately not a session ale.

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Craft beers aren’t mass-market products - they’re only available to those lucky few who manage to get to the source.  We want to make sure that we meet the increasing demand for our beers and you can get Downham Isle ales from the growing list of our outlets, or order directly from the Brewery..


Cobblers Revival 3.5% Abv. An English IPA made with 5 different malts and English hops. An excellent session Ale.

Aptly named after the house we moved to in Littleport which is over 220 years old and was in the past a shoe shop with resident cobbler at the end of the garden. Now it is a licenced brewery producing Real & Craft Ales, right in the heart of Littleport.

Slippery Slope 5.8% Sold Out


Goose Ely 3.5% our most popular AIPA beer, Excellent malt profile with a distinctive hoppy finish.

Main Street Citra 3.5% Abv A new beer with citrus, lemon and melon flavours & a mid range bitter finish. As yet unammed as this is a totally new concept with our beers. You can have this one cold with a slice of lime. Draught at the moment, bottled ina few weeks time. Sold out fast at 12th Ely Beer Festival 11th Feb 2022

Black IPA 6% IPA Strong Black Ale, good background malt of Chocolate and caramel with evident American hops. Definately to have at home!