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Are you a craft beer lover, a connoisseur of hand-crafted ale or do you just want to see what all the fuss is about?


Either way, we recommend Downham Isle Brewery’s range of fresh flavoursome ales.  Why?


The short answer is:  

They taste better.  Much better!


We believe that the only way to produce ale of the highest quality, with the best flavour, is to produce it by hand, in small batches using the finest available ingredients.


Our ales are live, unfiltered, and bottle-conditioned for at least 4 weeks before going on sale.  The maturity process allows complex flavours to develop; and no filtering means that the flavours stay in the beer - right where they belong.


Our beers are suitable for those who choose VEGAN & VEGETARIAN foods.

Downham Isle Brewery’s master brewer, Cliff, is a traditional ale purist.  He personally researches and tests every recipe, and oversees every brew and every bottling.  (And he personally enjoys sampling every Downham Isle Brewery beer to ensure it meets our high standards.)


The Brewery produces four cornerstone beers that we believe reflect the best characteristics of these four traditional types of ale.  We’re also committed to producing new ales using our proven hand-crafted methods, and taking advantage of New World and other more modern ingredients.

For us, it’s not about the advertising hype. It’s about the taste. Modern brewing methods provide high-volume, efficient production of a consistent beer with exceptional clarity and limited flavour. Traditional methods are inefficient, expensive ways of producing limited volumes of beer with reasonable clarity and exceptional flavour.

Which would you prefer?